Thing 4 – Current Awareness

I had a Twitter account before I started participating in cpd23, but I just registered out of curiosity and then never really used it again. In fact, I never posted a tweet myself before, I just follow. Well, Twitter obviously is a good way to always be up to date, but I prefer RSS. I guess if I was more of an active part of this whole Web 2.0 thing, I would consider Twitter more useful for myself. 

Storify is really interesting, I’ve never heard of it before, but I like the idea. Dont’t know if I’m gonna use it, but if so, at least I know that it exists 😉 That’s probably the most important part of cpd23: Knowing that these Things exist, understanding how they work, even if you’re not going to use them everyday. And if some day you have to use them, it’s going to be a lot easier…

Thing 3 – My personal brand

So the activity for Thing # 3 was to search for your name in Google…

I have to admit: I have done that before and it scared me… It’s incredible what someone can find out about you through the internet! Job, Sports Activities, Posts on Facebook, Friends on Google+ and so much more. (Damn, why did I register for Google+? I never really used it, I just wanted to try it out of curiosity)

I guess the problem with your personal brand on the internet is that it is hard to just explore a new tool, a new service, a new network without leaving traces on the internet. Even if you’re curious and want to discover new things, you have to be really careful. You always have to keep in mind that whatever you put out there can be read by anyone! That’s why I chose to take part in cpd23 as an anonymous user. Well, I hope that I really am anonymous; as I know myself I forgot to change the settings and in the end I am not ;). As I don’t have any experiences as a blogger, I wanted to be free to write anything without leaving traces that future employers might read. So far, my professional online presence is quite untouched. You can find the library I’m working for and one or two things more, but that’s it. Maybe one day this will be different, but I want to keep control about the information you can find on the web about my professional life, so for now I’m quite careful. I prefer to keep my professional and my private online presence separate, but I’m aware that sometimes it is not possible.

I tried Bing as well, and the results where completely different: Just one of the first 100 results referred to me personally! Why is that so? O.o

Thing 2 – Explore other blogs

It was really interesting exploring other blogs and seeing how others are dealing with the tasks. I felt kind of relieved when I saw that many of you are facing the same problems and feelings like me:

1) Enjoying reading other blogs, but not being sure what to write for a comment…

2) Still feeling a bit awkward putting your opinions out there..

3) Feeling like “lurking around” and “stalking”…

4) Having to catch up a few Things 😉

So I’ll go on with Thing 3, Online Presence, but I’ll keep discovering your blogs and try to write a few more comments!



First thing – first post

So here it is: my first blog post! Although I’m not completely new to the blog world (I had a tumblr blog before I started participating in cpd23, but I just used it for reblogging stuff I liked), it feels a bit strange putting your thoughts out there in the world so that every one can read it. Why I’m taking part in cpd23? I’m a librarian and interested in everything that has got to do with information literacy and similar concepts and innovative ways to teach those skills. And I guess 23 Things is just one of theses ways!

So, this is going to be a rather short post, I still have to catch up a few Things! Next mission: Exploring other blogs! Okay, let’s stalk some of you guys and see how you did… I definitely need some inspiration about how to write a blog post!

Pepper Caster

P.S. The title of my blog stands for what I think this is going to be: Trial and Error. But I’m looking forward to learning new things and I’m not afraid to fail either 😉